4 Tips and Tricks to Make Waxing Less Painful.

For first timers, waxing maybe one of the most stressful, painful, and absolutely glorious beauty experiences. Whether it’s a full body wax or the dreaded Brazilian, waxing is the ultimate hair removal treatment. If you want to smooth that part of your body out, go directly to your waxing specialist.

Waxing Subiaco

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In Australia, waxing is a perennial beauty activity. From luxurious waxing companies to cheap waxing in Perth, beauty salons are teeming with business. From winter to summer to fall and spring, there’s no best time to get rid of those icky hairs than now. Yet, professionals advise that the best time to get male Brazilian waxing Perth is before the beach parties you go through at the start of the summer season.

For avid waxing Subiaco enthusiasts, here are some tips and tricks in dealing with the pain in waxing.

Start small like really small.

Strip waxing Subiaco is painful because it’s a complete hair removal system. Starting small is one of the most fundamental tricks in getting a more comfortable experience. The rule of thumb is, get your wax as wide as two fingers only. When doing the arm, start with a small patch on the hands and slowly get up from there. Make a conscious effort to divide the area into two-halves. The smaller the area, the lesser the pain induced.

Cool the wax way down.

Whether you’re getting waxed at home or at a salon, your waxing supplies Australia should be the best in class. When doing it on your own, let the wax cool down before using it. In the salon, instruct your beauty therapist not to hasten the procedure. A not-so-dry wax can be very painful, and can cause inborn hair to grow. A way cooled down one, on the other hand, is easier to rip off.

Apply numbing cream 30 minutes before the procedure.

The common monumental mistake of most avid bikini waxing enthusiasts is that, they think numbing cream works instantly. It doesn’t. Numbing creams, especially the good ones, take at least 30 to 45 minutes to become effective.

Apply the cream before going to and while on the way to the salon, and time it. Don’t wait for you to arrive to get there before application. Further, don’t apply it too early either. Get a quality home waxing kit Australia that includes at least a jar of numbing cream for this purpose.

Additional tip: take an over-the-counter pain reliever with the numbing cream for good measure.

Exfoliate the night before.

Yes, shedding off dead skin helps. If not removed, it makes the waxing more painful. Use exfoliating creams and scrub off the part you want waxed the night before undergoing the procedure. Don’t get too intense rubbing your skin raw, just enough to make your skin supple.

Exfoliation releases trapped hairs so that it can be properly pulled during waxing. Without such simple process, you increase the possibility of double waxing. Waxing twice is done to properly lift off the hairs which are uprooted the first time. This is especially helpful when you’re planning for a bikini wax Perth.